Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is NOT Stefan Soell of Femjoy

As a photographer myself, I can understand how many of the individuals taking pictures of the models deserve some respect. A lot of time and patience and ART goes into these shots.  The photographer sets the stage, the lighting, and then directs the model.  How easy it is for us to forget that when overwhelmed by a particular woman's beauty.  The shots above were taken by Femjoy Photographer Stefan Soell, who is an accomplished artist with the camera.  His shots are well composed and the setting interesting.  That said, Femjoy.com's penchant for labeling their photographs with the PHOTOGRAPHER'S name instead of the model, or both, has set this poor lady up for being called Stefan for the rest of her bloody career.  She's beautiful and I have no idea what her name is. The Femjoy website is not exactly search friendly, so if anyone knows her name, please hit me up in the comments section.  Thanks.