Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'd Like To Play The Piper - Fawn!

Almost a year ago I posted a thread about a pretty "girl next door" model named Piper Fawn. Unsurprisingly she's very popular and I thought that if anyone deserved another round of exposure (get it? EXPOSURE?) on The Cream of Venus, it should be Piper. One of the biggest issues with this girl though is that she's gone by about a half a billion different names. She's been Gabina over Nubiles.net. She's been Piper Fawn. And for a while she even went by Ariel. And that's the crux of the problem. She's similar enough in appearance to the OTHER redheaded "Ariel", that even experienced men like me can make a few mistakes and get them confused. I've seen Sexy&Funny mix them up. I've seen all sorts of forums do it. Are these two girls really THAT similar?

This is obviously not the same girl and if you need to make further investigations, I suggest these two amazingly wonderful websites: Piperfawn.com and Arielsblog.com!